Wedding Photography & Videography

Imagine if the special moments of your wedding day were captured in a high-definition, crisp video that equals the picture quality of a feature-film? At Uprise Digital Media photography do exactly that. We shoot all footage on super-high definition (HD) cameras with special lenses and equipment that almost rival a big budget feature-film unit.

And it makes a difference — the beautiful tight closeups, the blurring of distracting backgrounds, the shallow depth of field of beauty, the grandeur of super-wide angle frames, the unobtrusiveness of tele-photo lenses and so much more is achieved by such top-class film equipment which is impossible to create otherwise with hand-held camcorders and other regular wedding video recorders.

The result is a beautiful film that is as technically sound as it is aesthetically pleasing. When we render parts of the final film in slow-motion, it creates a long lasting impact on viewers who are spell-bound by the brilliance of the visuals and the power of emotions.

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Services For Every Occasion

List down special services you offer on occasions like weddings, etc.

Wedding Shoot

Your wedding photograph surely has to be perfect and the best way to make your wedding or pre-wedding photoshoot memorable is to be yourself and have memories from a lifetime. From romantic poses to natural and candid photographs, you will find inspiration for everything. Make sure your wedding photographs capture the love and bond between you two. You can browse through a variety of options from pre-wedding and wedding photographs to bookmark the ones that you like

Engagement Shoot

They say that ring is a token of commitment for the wedding. The Ring ceremony is one of the most crucial ceremonies of every religion, which speaks of the commitment to a new life. Therefore, to capture such beautiful moments, we at URDMS, shoot the best videos and click the precious moments. Those tears of happiness in the bride's eyes while exchanging the rings perfectly complement the smile on the groom's face. Doesn't they both look made for each other? That special dance prepared by the bride's sister, a father-daughter dance, or a mother-son dance is recorded professionally. We are one of the best wedding photographers in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh

Pre Wedding Shoot

Pre Wedding shoots are now in fashion these days. It is not necessary whether the wedding is arranged or love, but the couple demands a good pre-wedding shoot. We also offers theme-based pre-wedding shoots. UpRise Digital Media Studio also does destination pre-wedding shoots. The studio provides the required props according to your dresses for the photoshoot. It will appear like a fairy tale to you. URDMS helps to make your fairytale come true. Through our skills and the premium lenses, we capture all that our clients demand. By giving the best memories of that day. We are the one of leading and Best candid photographers in Gorakhpur in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Baby Shoot

The most beautiful bond in this whole universe is the bond of a mother and a child. Nothing can ever complete a woman the way her child completes her. URDMS is an expert in capturing such pious moments. Over the generations, we have been shooting as well as capturing these wonderful moments through our lenses. An era has passed away, watching these precious moments through our lenses. We feel so obliged that you all decided to choose us over any other photography studio. With the experience of years and innovation, we are the Top Baby Shoot photographers in Gorakhpur. We ought to serve many more people who want to make their only moment an everlasting memory.

Fashion Shoot

Have You Always Dreamed Of Becoming A Model But Never Had The Confidence Or The Know-How To Start? Perhaps You Need To Refresh Your Current Portfolio With Jaw-Dropping Photographs That Demonstrate Your Versatility And Personality. Whether You're Looking To Make Your Mark In The Modelling Industry Or Seeking An Inclusive And Supportive Professional Portfolio Photographer, We Offer the Best Tools And Guidance You Need To Put Your Best Face Forward. Don't Quit Your

Corporate Shoot

Corporate photoshoots and portraits serve as an important and essential step for branding and marketing your business industry. These are visual representations that help your clients and customers understand who they are dealing with. A visual representation provides people with a representation of their reputation and reaches out to the customers. With social media, one can incorporate newer ways to promote their business and for that having headshot corporate photography is a very important thing. Corporate headshot photography is necessary for people to understand your business before they even meet you.